Your own WEBSITE and APP for online ordering for your restaurant.

✓ Zero commissions! Save thousands of euros in fees
✓ Your website will be online in just 5 days
✓ Your customers are yours! Your website, your customers, your rules
✓ Reach new customers and build loyalty in your own database
✓ Powerful marketing tools included
✓ No surprises and no extra payments! All in one instalment.
✓ Manage your own control panel in a fast and intuitive way.
✓ We are a team! Support and assistance from our constant contact

Online ordering system for take away and delivery restaurants

Customers who trust us

And many more…

We integrate with your online bank

We make it easy for you.
We set up online payment on your website

With Apperstreet you will have different payment methods on your website: cash payment, payment with Datafono and online payment through your virtual POS. We integrate with Redsys and Stripe. Shall we get to work?

Regain control of your restaurant

No more abusive commissions from Food Aggregators and other delivery platforms.
Build customer loyalty with your own 100% self-managed website and online ordering platform.
Discover the restaurant marketing tools that are a must for your business.

Manage your control panel and control your business from our Dashboard.

Easy, fast and intuitive. The solution you were waiting for is here: the online order management platform for your Take Away & Delivery restaurant. Manage your products, dishes, promotions, prices... all in a couple of clicks.

ZERO commissions, single fee with ALL features.

No surprises! No more paying commissions for your own customers and dishes. Save thousands of euros a year selling through your restaurant's website.
All our services in a single fee.

Increase your Take Away & Delivery restaurant's direct online sales.

We specialise in digital gastronomy marketing! We prepare marketing automation strategies so that you are always in control of your customers and increase sales without additional work. All automated on your platform.

Website for your restaurant

Increase your online visibility
Take it to the next level

Your restaurant’s website at any time, on any device, anywhere.

We expand your online visibility by adding a great platform from which your customers will order their favourite food online, at any time of the day and from any place and device…

How? By adding our platform and your website from which your customers will order their favourite food online, at any time of the day and from anywhere. Our website allows you to offer special promotions, update your menu and upload photos that will make sure your customers’ mouths water.

How do you want to save?

Save from the very first day

  • Registration fee: 199€
  • 0% commission
  • Website for Take Away & Delivery in 5 days
  • Multi Shop, Multi Language and Multi Currency
  • Intregrate with your bank (Redsys or Stripe)
  • Offers and promotions
  • Automated marketing tools
  • Abandoned cart management
  • SEO positioning optimisation
  • Add QR for Restaurants for 39€/month more
  • Additional premises: 75€/premises
Recommended Plan
  • Registration fee: 250€
  • All the features of the Standard Plan and:
  • Data study & Analysis
  • NPS (Satisfaction surveys)
  • Add QR for Restaurants for 39€/month more
  • Additional premises: 75€/premises
  • Registration fee: 375€
  • All the functionalities of the Professional Plan and:
  • Riders app
  • QR service for restaurants included
  • Additional premises: 75€/premises
Add your own APP!
  • Combine with any of our plans!
  • Your own app for online orders
  • App on IOS
  • App on Android
  • Push Notifications
  • Customer registration and login
  • Order histories
It’s as simple as that!

Smile month after month
and wave goodbye to commissions

  • Flat monthly fee without permanence or commissions.
  • Regular maintenance and updates
  • Perfect for restaurants and chains.
  • Backup system.
  • Your menu is always accessible.
Clientes satisfechos

Do you have any questions?

Below you will find answers to the most common questions.

Can I have an APP without the WEBSITE?

No. Websites are the backbone of Apperstreet, and your online ordering website will be the backbone of your restaurant. Our online ordering websites for restaurants are the foundation of our clients’ success, and without them we wouldn’t be us. Your website will help you sell more and better, and the APP will be an added bonus to offer your customers.

How much does Apperstreet cost?

In Apperstreet you do not pay commissions, nor do you have the obligation of permanence. We have monthly payment plans that you can consult on the pricing page and decide which one best suits the needs of your business.

The only cost you will have will be the registration fee and the monthly fee of the plan you choose. No commissions. A possible additional cost? The optional hardware you can count on, such as printers or tablets.

What payment methods will I be able to use on my website?

At Apperstreet we want to make it easy for you and for you to make it easy for your customers. That’s why you can offer them cash payment, payment by dataphone to the delivery person, or online payment. With your virtual bank, online payment will be quick and easy. We have integration with Redsys and Stripe.

Will my website be SEO ready?

Without sounding too pretentious, we confess that we are great specialists in search engine optimisation. Your website will be ready for SEO, the famous organic positioning. We could get very technical and say that it will have friendly URLs, dynamic titles and descriptions, code validated by the W3C, optimised use of h1, h2 tags, sitemap, robots, analytics… But as we are not going to do that, we will answer with a simple and resounding: YES, it will be ready for SEO.

Is Apperstreet multi-currency?

Yes, Apperstreet is multi-currency. Currently the currencies we handle are dollars, euros and pounds.

Will I be able to manage my website or will I be dependent on you?

Apperstreet’s platform is fully self-manageable. You won’t need us when you want to add products, change prices, modify images or texts… You can easily do it yourself thanks to our intuitive control panel!

We will train you so that you know everything you can do but, of course, we will always be there for you if you need help, we are your team!


What our customers say

See what they say about us.
Brox Restaurants

The digital channel is the present and the future, and we didn't want to be left behind. Delivery is a way of adding value to your brand, and we have seen this firsthand with Apperstreet.t

Safrá 21

Since we have had Apperstreet, 80% of the orders come through our direct channel. Third parties have become residual. In addition, we have increased sales by more than 25%.

Sibuya Urban Sushi Bar

We realised that 99% of our online sales were coming from our own brand search on the Internet. It was ridiculous to keep paying commissions and so we looked to incorporate our own sales channel. That's where Apperstreet comes in.

Wasabi Xpress

When we started to compare prices, we saw that for the price we paid Apperstreet, a fixed, one-off fee, all the functionalities were included. No additional fees and no small print. We wanted something that was easy and Apperstreet was it.

La Mafia de la Pizza Nostra

In my case it was easy. I only have a Take Away & Delivery service. So it was a question of finding a platform to have my own website so I could sell online without having to pay more commissions. Apperstreet turned out to be the perfect solution for what I needed.

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