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We all believe

In knowing your customers before you can grow their business. The team boast strong ties to the food delivery business, (and we don’t mean just ordering late-night pizza’s) and have a solid grasp of the needs of a takeaway restaurant.

We all love

Effective results, clever things that look great and are super easy to use. Oh... and of course Paco, an indispensable member of the team who splits his time at the office between distracting other members of the team, snoozing and running the company’s social media accounts.

We all have

Separate and valuable talents to bring to the table and together we’ve spent two years tweaking and testing these nifty ordering solutions, resulting in the highly-effective, fab-looking apps & websites you can use today.

We are...

  • Xavier March

    Xavier March


  • Víctor Albertos

    Víctor Albertos


  • Xisco Mateu

    Xisco Mateu


  • Jan Choueiri

    Jan Choueiri


  • Jose Palma

    Jose Palma

    Creative Director

  • Alberto Ojeda

    Alberto Ojeda

    Art Director

  • Víctor Torres

    Víctor Torres

    Senior Designer

  • Raúl Medina

    Raúl Medina

    System Engineer

  • Víctor Miquel

    Víctor Miquel

    Strategic Advisor

  • David Capó

    David Capó

    Graphic Designer

  • Juanjo Díez

    Juanjo Díez

    Project Manager

  • Joaquín Quero

    Joaquín Quero

    Back-end Developer

  • Hannah Hall

    Hannah Hall

    Client Relationship Manager

  • David Pérez

    David Pérez

    Sales Manager

  • Carlos Lara

    Carlos Lara

    Software Engineer

  • Jaume Cardell

    Jaume Cardell

    E-Commerce Developer

  • Marc Ramonell

    Marc Ramonell

    Front-End Developer

  • David Abuin

    David Abuin

    Front-End Developer

  • Jennifer Maestro

    Jennifer Maestro


  • Jaume Vidal

    Jaume Vidal

    iOS Developer

  • Marta Pérez

    Marta Pérez

    Content Manager

  • Paco


    Food Taster