Advanced analytics (Data Studio)

Available February 2021

In the Apperstreet PRO section we added a new functionality:

Advanced analytics for your restaurant website

With this add on, apart from seeing all the daily orders, you will be able to know much more. You will be able to have control of everything that happens in your restaurant. Why? So that you don’t miss anything and you can optimise the results of your business.

Some examples of the information you can get with Apperstreet’s advanced analytics module are:

 Segmented information by postcodes: You will be able to know the postcodes that order the most and the least, the average order for each of them or the frequency of orders from one postcode or another.

 Demographic data to help you find out, for example, if women order one dish or another more. Or if a dish works better with men than with women.

 Web analytics to see what happens in any section of the website and how your customers interact with it.

 Results of promotions to find out data such as whether the offer works better in the middle of the day or at night, or if it has better results during the week or on weekends. Which postcodes use it the most and the least. Also, if the promotion works better for men than women or by specific age ranges, young or old.

 All this and much more!

Don’t think twice and get full control of your restaurant with Apperstreet.

How does Apperstreet’s advanced analytics tool work?

It works by integrating Data Studio with your Apperstreet control panel. The data will be collected when the customer signs up via Google or Facebook. All the information that they have accessible in their profile will be dumped into an optimised Data Studio and we will integrate it with your Apperstreet platform so that you always have control of everything that happens on your website. All that information about your user, plus the information provided by the order placed on the website itself, will be dumped into our Data Studio and will appear detailed in your control panel. It’s that easy!

If you want the Advanced Analytics module in your Apperstreet platform, you must have the PROFESSIONAL package.