Automated Gastronomic Marketing (AAGM)

Carry out advanced and automated marketing
without having to be an expert!

The formula so that your restaurant never stops!

The best way to build customer loyalty without making exorbitant efforts is by using automated marketing tools.

Increase your website’s direct sales from day one in “automated mode”.

Carrying out these actions in any other way would be difficult and expensive, but that’s what we’re here for. With your monthly fee you have access to all the tools of Automatic Advanced Gastronomic Marketing (AAGM). Sounds like magic, doesn’t it?

And don’t worry about a thing. We configure everything in your initial setup so that, after that, everything goes smoothly.

We show you some of the most important strategies:

1. Awaken sleeping customers: Automation that helps us to capture the attention of customers who have not placed an order for X number of days. For example, you can send them an email with a discount if they order in the next few days. With these strategies, we can increase sales by up to 20% with those customers who have been inactive for some time. Make them remember you!

2. Recovery of abandoned carts: Did you know that one of the biggest evils of e-commerce is abandoned shopping carts? That is, customers who start an order and leave it halfway through. According to some studies, the average abandoned cart rate of an e-commerce is 52%. Imagine what this means! At Apperstreet we help you recover as many abandoned carts as possible… and you will notice it in your turnover!

How do we do this? Two options: we can make it so that if someone leaves an abandoned cart of X amount, the system will alert you in case you want to call the customer right away to try to recover it. We can also set up an automation where an email is sent to the user X days after they have left the cart abandoned – you can even offer them an extra discount or a gift!

3. Referrals or affiliates (in development: coming soon): The ideal for restaurants: that your own customers are the ones who recommend you. How can we achieve this? Quite easily! By giving them something in return.
You can also find out which customer has brought in the newest customers, and it will allow you to reward them to keep on encouraging them. It’s good to be grateful! The best thing? It never stops. Every new customer enters the automation, and you get that 5 euros for every new customer, and so on and so forth.
Your brand will never be asleep: you will have a tool working 24 hours a day for you, and without having to do anything!

4. Loyalty programme: All the big brands have their own loyalty programme: McDonald’s, Burger King, Domino’s Pizza… Why should yours be any less? In Apperstreet we bring you this new modality where you can easily configure how you want to reward your customers. You have no more excuses!
For example: For every €20 they spend in your restaurant, you give them €2 for their next order. The user will decide if they want to redeem it or if they prefer to accumulate it… The point is for them to see that loyalty to your brand has a reward!

5. Birthday gifts: We all like to feel special on our birthday. Set up an automation to send them an email on their birthday, congratulating them and giving them a discount or coupon for their next order, all automatically on your control panel!