Banners and pop ups

Banners and Pop Ups in your restaurant website

Do you know what banners and pop ups are used for on websites?

Learn how to use them – it’s easy!
It’s the way to surprise your customers when they enter your website.

They are a great tool to let your customers know about the offers you have available on your website. It has never been so easy to set them up! You can indicate when you want them to appear: Every day of the week, only in the afternoons, automatically changing… All this to reinforce the promotions you have active.

What are banners and pop ups for?

But, what is this?! Don’t panic! Keep reading, you’ll love it!

The pop up is a pop-up window in which the available offers will be shown. It will be the first thing the user will see when entering and it will help us to make him/her place the order. This is the best way to convince him/her!

Before we start, you should know that many of the sales of a food delivery e-commerce come to the web because they have searched for your brand in particular. Yes, yes, that’s right!

For this reason, food delivery groups like Just Eat, Glovo or Deliveroo pay for the name of your restaurant on Google. Do you think they did it because they are an NGO? No way! They are aware that people are looking for your business brand. Therefore, by paying for it on Google, they manage to “steal” half of your restaurant’s sales without you even realising it. Have you ever thought about it? Your customers are yours!

And, you may ask, what do pop ups have to do with this? It’ simple! They are a great tool for your customers to choose you, without intermediaries and, most importantly, without commissions. The pop up helps you to tell the customer why they have to order on your website, and not on other portals.

Something that is also very common is that the user first visits the website of one of the groups and, there, gets to know your restaurant. They will probably end up visiting your website and the pop up… will help us to catch them!

With a pop up on your website, you can offer the user an offer that can only be found on your website, and not on external portals. The best offers are yours!

The banners can be used to announce promotions as well as to announce new products, special products, etc. Banners can coexist perfectly with pop ups, they simply serve as reinforcement. You can configure the format you prefer, place a large banner, two medium-sized banners or 3 small banners, whatever you like!

Uploading and setting up banners has never been easier! Best of all, you can configure when you want them to appear: Every day of the week, automatically changing one for another… All this to reinforce the promotions that you have active at any given time. You can also choose in which section of the website you want them to appear.