Dish configuration

Learn how to modify your dishes in Apperstreet

We show you how to configure your menu within the control panel.

Get the most out of the tool! We’ll tell you everything you can do… We’re sure we’ll surprise you.

At Apperstreet there’s no dish configuration that we can’t handle! With our control panel, you can configure everything: prices, sizes, extra ingredients, meat doneness, differentiated prices according to the service, allergens, availability of products by hours or days, and a long etcetera!

¿Qué puedes hacer al subir un producto?

1. Create categories and subcategories, and add all the basic information about the products: photo, title, price, short and long description… Your website will be almost the same as the menu of your restaurant!

2. Indicate if the product is spicy, if it is ideal for vegetarians, if it is new, if it is temporary and will last a short time… As well as introducing allergens. You will comply with current legislation and, above all, your most sensitive customers will thank you for it! The more information you provide, the more confidence you will give them.

3. Differentiate sizes by portions, units, pieces… whatever you want! Easily indicate the different sizes of a product and the price of each one of them.

4. Select product characteristics previously configured to your liking. You can use it, for example, when the customer can customise a product from the menu: choose the ingredients, sauces, add extra ingredients…

5. Specify whether a product is available in specific time slots or on specific days of the week. For example: that the lunch menu is only available from 13:00h to 16:00h from Monday to Friday, or that the breakfast menu is available from 8:00h to 11:00h every day.

6. SEO optimisation for each of your product pages. It all adds up when it comes to positioning your restaurant on the internet.

7. Select complementary products that may be of interest to your customers and thus encourage cross-selling. We call it the average ticket increaser. Statistics show that beverages and desserts are the least popular products in online orders. When going to finalise the order, the customer will see complementary products to what they have in their cart. How about offering dessert before finalising the order for a main course?