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What’s included with marketing tools?

Our marketing tools are crafted with the same care and expertise that you give your signature dish. They provide you all the essential information and tools to increase your sales. We’re talking about comprehensive push notifications, complete customer management including geolocation, exportation, synchronisation with newsletter platforms, and a magnificent order tracker to manage orders, clients and store locations.

Can I send my clients push notifications?

Yes, you have access to all of the push notification features with Marketing Tools. You can easily select customers and send notifications to your whole database or filter by top customers, postcode, store locations, etc.

With or without the Marketing Tools, each time you receive an order, accept it, and specify the estimated delivery time, your client will receive a notification that their order has been accepted with the estimated delivery or collection time.

Can I export customer and order data?

Yes. The export tool is part of our Marketing Tools. You can easily export information regarding clients, sales, top clients, etc.

What’s included with the APP and WEB, and how can I customize them?

You can change the colours and up to 4 pages/interior sections. For example, information about your restaurants, delivery zones, contact, etc. All of this with navigation developed and designed to convert visits into sales. Here at Apper Street everything has a reason.

If you want your design to be one of a kind, we offer personal designs and additional pages. Our IT team and web developers are always on hand to create more personalised designs or add more pages by request. Simply get in touch with us so they can evaluate the technical and economic feasibility. Share your vision and we’ll do the rest.

Can I change my template later? Are there extra costs?

The answer is yes. If you have a change of heart, you can change your template and design by paying a new setup fee.

If I start with the APP, can I add the WEB and MKT Tools later? Will I have to pay an additional setup cost?

We’ll say it again, the #Apperrules are here to give you the most flexibility possible. Of course you can start with the APP and later on continue to expand your product range. To add WEB down the line, simply pay the 300 $ difference between the initial APP setup, 600 $, and the WEB + APP setup, 900 $.

How do I see my clients’ orders?

You can receive order notifications by email, printed out directly on one of our optional printer add-ons (which alert when new orders come in), or on our magnificent dashboard. You decide.

If you already have a PC or tablet in house, you can easily set it up to view new orders via email or on the Apper Street dashboard.

Head over to our pricing page to see add-on hardware prices.

If I already have a computer or tablet, do I need to purchase an add-on printer or tablet?

No. If you already have a PC or tablet, you can manage orders through our dashboard.

Can I connect my online orders with my ERP or POS?

As you know, there are hundreds of ERP and POS software types. We’re a complement to more traditional sales channels (you can see here how 51% of Domino’s Pizza orders were exclusively online in 2012). We don’t offer an automatic connection, but we can take a look at your software by request. Contact us and we’ll see what we can do.

Can I include my own internal pages in the WEB o APP?

Setup includes up to 4 pages of content. This can include restaurant information, delivery zones, contact and location information, and promotions. If you want more pages, tell us a bit more about the content and we’ll send you an estimate to expand your setup.

Adding additional pages will only cost a bit extra during the initial setup. The monthly APP and WEB fees will stay the same.

How do I control my promotions?

Keep in mind that once you sign up with Apper Street, your dashboard is your solution to everything. From there, you control your promotions. If you can’t find your promotion type on the list, don’t hesitate to contact the #Apperteam and we’ll see what we can do.

How do I manage customer discount coupons?

From the dashboard you’ll have complete control over individual discounts, bulk discounts, percentage, direct discounts, etc.

Do I have access to statistics?

Google Analytics is our house favourite when it comes to analytical tools. All Apper products are designed to integrate seamlessly with Google Analytics. Simply create an account following this link (if you haven’t got one already), follow the steps to create a new site, and provide us with the tracking code. If you need any help setting this up, the #Apperteam is at your service. We want you to measure your business, since it’s true, that everything that can be measure, can be improved.

For sales and other business statistics, check out the reports section under marketing tools.

Can I analyse conversion rates from my marketing campaigns?

If what we’re talking about is conversion statistics from marketing campaigns, then of course. In Apper we love marketing and we pay close attention to every detail. Our APPs and WEBs are ready to accommodate Facebook, Twitter, and Google Adwords pixels and conversion codes.

We can also design your Google Adwords, Facebook, or Twitter marketing campaigns for you. Among our many certificates, we are Google Partners and Google Adwords certified professionals.

What if I don’t have a logo/photos/banners?

For us it’s enough that you have a restaurant. We’ll take care of the rest. Tell us what you need and a member from the #Apperteam will contact you with a personalized quote.

Can I choose my URL?

Yes and you can even be the owner of yourdomain.com. Looking at it technically, our ecommerce and dashboard code are located in high availability cloud servers. To add your domain to our servers, we’ll send you detailed instructions, and of course, if you need any help with your domain or hosting provider, we’ll be there. It’s a simple change, we’re talking about changing the input type in the DNS zone and assigning our IP address, but we understand that it’s easy to get lost in the world of technology. If that’s the case, give us a call and we’ll walk you through it. 

Are email and webhosting fees included?

No. Apper Streets provides the space and resources to enjoy online sales. The SAAS monthly fee does not include email or similar services, just the space for APP, WEB, and Marketing Tools.

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