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Can I get the WEB or MKT TOOLS without the APP?

No. Our APPs are the heart and soul of Apper Street. They are the base of the rest of our products and possibilities. Without the APP, we wouldn’t be Apper and your restaurant wouldn’t be able to sell more and better.

How much does Apper Street cost?

Apper Street is a product based on the SAAS model (monthly payments without contract). On the pricing page you can easily calculate your monthly costs, which depend on the number of restaurants, combination of APP, WEB, and Marketing Tools, and optional printer and tablet hardware add-ons. Calculate your total and buy now to join Apper Street today.

Is there an advantage to paying annually?

Yes. Apart from our everlasting gratitude (which is no small thing), you’ll save a bunch with FREE SETUP the first year and a 15% discount every year thereafter.

Will my WEB be SEO ready?

Without sounding too pretentious, we have to confess that we’re experts in search engine optimization. Your website will be beyond prepared for SEO. We could get very technical and tell you about our friendly URLs, dynamic titles and descriptions, W3C-validated code, optimized <h1> and <h2> tags, dynamic sitemaps, robots and analytics, but we’ll keep it to a simple yes. Your site will be SEO ready.

Is Apper Street available in multiple currencies?

Yes, it’s currently available in dollars, Euros and pounds. We’ll soon be adding new currencies, but if your business needs Apper Street and your currency isn’t among these three, just contact us. Tell us what you need and we’ll get to work.

In which languages is Apper Street available?

Apper Street is currently up and running in English and Spanish. New languages are right around the corner, and we’ll soon be adding German, French, Italian and many more to the list. But as always, the #ApperRules dictate that we’re here to please. Let us know which language you need and we’ll give you a rollout date.

How long does it take to set up my APP, WEB and MKT Tools?

It’s up to you. From the moment we have all of your information it takes about two weeks to have your customised APP, WEB and Marketing Tools ready to go. Keep in mind that it’ll take another two weeks for your APP to come out in the Apple Store. You have the final decision if you want to launch your WEB and Android APP (Google only takes one day to publish) before your IOS APP, or if you want to wait and launch everything together.

What do I need to get started?

Once you’ve finalized your purchase on the pricing page, we’ll contact you to get started. For the initial setup we’ll need your basic information like delivery and takeaway hours, menu items and prices, and delivery details (if you have limits on deliveries per hour, postcodes you deliver to, etc). We promise to make it as quick and painless as possible.

Can my clients use discount coupons?

Yes. From your dashboard you can control and create discount coupons and offers; anything from a fixed amount (i.e. a £5 discount) to a percentage (i.e. 10% off your total). You decide the amount and percentage that works best for you. You can also offer your clients different discounts and send push notifications with promotional codes.

We recommend that with your launch into the world of online ordering, you offer a permanent discount (i.e. 5%) for orders made with your APP. This encourages clients to download and establishes a strong marketing relationship from the beginning.

For each coupon you choose the available quantity. You can create everything from individual coupons to be used only once to mass coupons that can be used by 5,000 customers. The #Apperrules give you complete flexibility.

Is my personal data secure?

Yes, we strictly comply with various security and data custody policies. Physically, your information will be in Madrid, Spain, in one of the most secure information centres in Europe. All user information and passwords are encrypted according to the MD5 protocol and comply with European data protection guidelines.

Can I change my menu at any time?

Yes. From the dashboard you can control the menu categories, as well as the menu items. You can change your menu at any time. And of course, our #Apperteam will be here to help whenever you need us.

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