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How do I receive the payment when my customers purchase via the APP?

At Apper we avoid commissions at all costs. When clients finalise an order using with the APP, they can choose between paying in cash, credit or debit card, cheque gourmet, or whichever payment method you choose. No matter which, it’s always the restaurant that gets paid. This avoids any problems if orders change or if a complication arises. We know the world of delivery and realise that it’s very difficult to have a delivery service that works perfectly 100% of the time. Avoid any problems and get paid when the delivery is made.

Are there commissions?

Nope. There’s not much to explain here. It’s a simple no. We want you to sell more and earn more. Rest assured that it won’t change the flat monthly fee; unless of course all those new sales translate into a new location. Your success is our success.

Is there a minimum subscription period? Can I unsubscribe at any time?

No, there’s no minimum subscription, and yes, you can unsubscribe at anytime. We’re so confident that our technology will allow you to sell more, sell better, and strengthen customer loyalty, that there’s no need for contracts. The #Apperrules believe that true love is forever (call us romantics), and our team is always working to give you the best updates and surprising new features.

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