The solution to the multi-brand and for the already known “DARK KITCHEN” or phantom kitchen.


The tool multi-store is the new solution of Apperstreet for the dark kitchens of the multi-store groups.

You are now able to have in the same platform the online sale of your restaurants.

Do you have different gastronomic brands in the same kitchen? Do you have different restaurants under the same business group? Apperstreet has a multi-store service with all the functionalities that you need to sell online.

Your takeaway & delivery service for your multi-store or dark kitchen.

What is the Multishop platform based on?

If you have a business group of restaurants, or you have one or more dark kitchens where you distribute a few brands, and you want to offer your clients a platform where they can get all of those in orders, takeaway & delivery, Apperstreet is for you.

If you get our multi-store service, you will have access to our control panel where you will be able to handle and manage all the brands, all the products, all the characteristics and services of the takeaway & delivery service.

All the brands, and restaurants are able to have independent management, but from the same platform. Everything is accessible and intuitive thanks to our panel control of the multi-store.

On top of the multi-store tool, we have a way to manage promotions and sales. From the control panel, you will be able to control combined or independent promotions of all the brands. Can it be easier? Creating marketing campaigns has never been so easy. Promote your multi-store restaurant sales with Apperstreet.

Every time is more usual to hear about the dark kitchen. Every time, there are more brands and business groups that decide to create this type of restaurants. Do to this fact, it has been created a new type of restoration and online sale: shared cart.

Dark kitchen and shared cart

Obviously, the main tool for the function of a multistore is the existence of a shared cart, to get the option of doing an order of different products of the different brands groups or of doing to diferente restaurants of the same dark kitchen.

Let’s visualice it with an example. A business group of specialized japanese gastronomy (specifically sushi) wants to open a brand of the Poke’s. It is to say, everything is cooked in the same kitchen but with different brand names.

At the end, it all goes out from the same kitchen, doesn’t it? So like this the restaurant only needs one rider that will go to the same localitation, and the client won’t have to do two different orders, causing the payment of two deliveries and wasting time… They are all advantages, don’t you think?

If you want to have a multi-store platform in Apperstreet, you have to have the PROFESSIONAL rate.