Promotions and offers

Configure your restaurant’s promotions and offers in your control panel.

Promotions are an INCENTIVE, a STRATEGY. Don’t be afraid to use them!
We have developed the best combinations and formulas.

You can customise offers and promotions as you wish.

Configure them for a limited time, a few days of the week, at specific times… You can also set them only for take away or only for delivery, give them a maximum number of uses or send them to customers in your database.

What kind of promotions and offers can you have?

  • NxM: This is the quintessential offer of any retailer and that's because it works. It encourages your customers to buy a larger quantity than they usually do, making them see that it is an irresistible offer. You can configure the offers by days, by hours, with a minimum order, etc. Who can resist a 3x2?
  • Gift for orders over X: With this type of offer you can choose to give away a product if the order exceeds the minimum amount you deem appropriate. You can also configure the days of the week and the range of hours you want the offer to be active. For example: give away a bottle of wine for a purchase over 50€, from Monday to Thursday from 1pm to 4pm.
  • Discount for orders over X: You can also configure a discount percentage to be applied to those orders that exceed the minimum amount you deem appropriate. This promotion can also be configured by days of the week and specific time slots. An example would be to apply a 20% discount if the order is over 40€, on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 19h.
  • Free products for every product purchased: This type of offer is perfect if you want to give a product as a gift for the purchase of another product. For example: A free drink for every burger. The system will detect that, if 3 burgers have been ordered, the customer will be able to choose 3 drinks that you will pre-select yourself.
  • Preorder promotions: The ideal promotion to encourage the generation of orders in advance. Set the number of hours in advance you want your customers to order and run promotions to reward customers who order in advance. How? First, decide what discount you want to give them. Then, simply indicate the number of hours in advance and the minimum order you want the promotion to be triggered. An example would be: Promote that customers who order 48 hours in advance get 20% off their order.