QR for restaurants

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Intelligent QR for innovative restaurants

The ideal tool to have your interactive digital menu, manage your entire restaurant, your dishes and orders from a single platform. Your customers will have a rewarding and visual user experience when ordering and you will be able to manage your menu quickly, easily and intuitively at any time.

Features of Apperstreet’s QR tool for restaurants

 Manage your menu: Add, delete and modify as many dishes as you want, in a quick, easy and intuitive way. Organise your menu by days of the week and times.

 Direct payment: Once the products have been added to the cart, your customers can choose the payment method directly and make their purchase.

 Optimise resources: The customer’s order is sent to the printer in order format, indicating the table number. In this way you will optimise your resources and in case the waiter’s help is needed, the “waiter help” button is available.

 Promote and increase your sales: Select the dishes you want to highlight to increase the average ticket. Carry out promotions that stimulate the purchase of your users.

 Your customers, your data: Your customers can have their orders and addresses registered in their user account.

 Internal analysis: In your control panel you will be able to visualise comparisons of products sold, invoicing, payment methods, number of orders, number of customers, and an endless amount of information.

How does it work? Full control from your control panel

1. Customise your menu: Personalise your menu. Create, delete, edit or modify the information or photos of your unlimited dishes.
2. Generate your QR: From your control panel, automatically generate QR codes with the identification of each table.
3. Download: In the same control panel you can download your QRs, print them and attach them to each corresponding table.
4. Customer experience: The customer accesses your online ordering menu through the QR and all the programmed offers and finalises their purchase by choosing their payment method from the shopping cart.
5. Intelligent order: The table order is automatically printed out by the printer, with the table number, description of the order, payment method, promotions applied and everything you have configured, as well as registered in your control panel.