Riders App

Available February 2021

The APP to optimise your restaurant’s home deliveries.

You’ve been crying out for it.
The jewel in the crown to keep control of your riders at all times and optimise your journeys.

What are Apperstreet’s rider Apps like?

The driver must download the Apperstreet rider app. Incoming orders will be assigned to each of the delivery drivers, so you will have the ideal tool to optimise home deliveries based on the routes of each of them.

The restaurant will be able to see where their riders are at all times. It will be seen in a very visual way: two colours. Red means that the rider is on his way to deliver an order and green means that the rider is on his way back to the restaurant because he has already made the delivery.

How does the Apperstreet Riders App work?

As soon as the driver picks up the order and leaves the restaurant to deliver it, the system detects that the driver has moved X metres from the restaurant. The customer automatically receives an email notifying them that their order is on its way. In addition, the customer will be able to see in real time where the driver is and thus get an idea of how long it will take. Once the driver delivers the order, they mark it in the app.

If you want the rider app on your Apperstreet platform, you must have the PRO package.