Sales funnel

The time is now ¡There are no more excuses! Getting clients has never been so easy.

Sales funnel for restaurants

Apperstreet has a new tool for the creation of sales funnels. ¡Create new strategies has never been so easy!

It’s useful for you to attract new clients and getting more sales in your restaurant ¿isn’t it ? That is what we all want. Thanks to the control panel of Apperstreet Now you can do it.

We are experts in funnels strategies. O want is the same… We are experts in getting you new clients.

What does a sales funnel consist of?

It is very easy…. It works for you to find potential clients for your restaurant. ¡We call it LEADS!

The 32% of the leads we strap end up buying on the page. So they end up being clients!

We are going to show you an example 🙂

A very classic, effective and the one we normally use is to launch a KILLER sale in social media, for it to get to all the potential clients which do not know us yet.

Through this campaign we are going to get the contact information, that is the same as getting his LEAD. How do we get it? We make them get a promotion, a sale on the fact that you exist, if he doesn’t know you yet. What we are really looking for is that a potential client will finish buying on our web and turning it into a real client.

Thanks to this campaign and the catchment of leads, you will be able to get to new people and get more clients. ¡It is very easy!

How does the sales funnel tool of Apperstreet work?

1. In your control panel there is a new headland: FUNNELS. In it, you have two options. One of them is for creating the funnels and the other one for configuring them.

2. You will be able to add all the funnels you want and modify the landing pages ¡Landing 100% personalized! You will be able to change them by using the button actions and also see a preview of them.

3. From the same panel control you will be able to see the statistics of the campaign: visits, leads, conversion rate and the money you have generated with those seals.

4. From the configuration headland in the tool of funnels of the control panel, you will be able to put the discount you want to send and edit the message in other languages.

5. You will send, modify and personalize up to 4 messages. The initial one you will be able to do in step number 4, and then send up to 3 more messages. TIC TAC, the time is finishing.


The average with our funnels is that 32% of the leads finish buying. The same as saying that they finish being clients!

The sales funnels are not only useful for getting to new clients, it also to make the actual clients buy with more recurrence. That is why we have thought about having the tool of recurrence of future panel. ¡We will tell you all about it further on. You will love it.

Stop thinking about it and get the control of your restaurant with Apperstreet.

If you want the sales funnel in your Apperstreet platform, you have to have the Professional pay rate.